Eco literacy Braid – What does it mean to you?


With each letter I read my idea of what it meant to be Eco literate shifted slightly. To each person the definition means something slightly different. Initially this caused confusion for myself. We talk about eco literacy nearly every class but do I even know what it really means? Thus begun my process of breaking down the definition.

Kelsey’s idea of eco literacy was centred around the idea that to be eco literate one usually shows care, awareness, and experience. This was a similar theme that ran through many other peoples’ love letters. This was also an idea I personally related to, in my own letter, Joe demonstrated all of these qualities and more.  He cared for the environment and showed his compassion for nature by spreading awareness about how to help preserve what has not yet been lost.

Both Amy’s and Kate’s letters referred to farming and how in some instances farmers have eco literate tendencies.  Being raised on a farm that raised grass fed animals and rotational grazed.  I also looked to my parents as being eco literate, simply by making these choices for our farm.  Farmers are conscious of the world around them and how best to preserve it for future farming.

After reading these posts and others I was able begin to construct my own idea of eco literacy.  My fellow classmates viewed eco literacy as making conscious efforts to preserve the environment, while also raising awareness about how others can also help.

Finally I looked to the readings to check out what the ‘professionals’ had to say about eco literacy.  David Orr’s article carried the idea that eco literacy is about actions more than it is about anything anyone can say.  While it can be important to talk about eco literacy, especially in a classroom setting.  It can be equally if not more important to be an example of what it means to be eco literate.

To close, my ideas did change through out this assignment but now I see that eco literacy is more than a definition or idea.  It is about actions, actions that will help preserve a beautiful earth.  Being eco literate is about being the change you wish to see everyone make.


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