Meta Reflection: In The Middle of Things



To begin this assignment I went back and re-read all my previous blog posts. Initially, it was surprising to how blissfully ignorant I was to many things. I entered this class considering myself to be quite educated on a number of topics surrounding environmental education but as the class progressed I learned that I had much to learn and that learning to understand is better than learning to get a good grade.

One theme I noticed I unconsciously carried throughout my blog entries was my personal experiences.   With each entry I was able to draw connections from personal experiences. In posts such as Creative Journal # 2  and a Proper Thank you is in Order  spoke of past experiences I had with nature. As time has progressed I have been able to deepen my thinking and form questions about environmental education and what it really means to me and move away from relating ideas to experiences. While both are beneficial, I think that questioning my previous ideas and beliefs is indicative of growth, which is ultimately the goal in this course.

An idea that caused a big shift in my thinking was the Newberry Reading . The term “settler invaders” really resonated with me because it was a brand new idea to me and it made me question the way I thought of environment and education. How often had I taught that white settlers were the first settlers to settle land? Completely neglecting that first nation peoples were there hundreds of years previously. The idea of teaching using her ‘settler invader’ concept is important to me as a future teacher because I think it is important that students receive information in a truthful unbiased way.

Throughout the first half of the semester I have struggled to understand what it truly means to be Eco literate, as demonstrated in my first few blog posts. I questioned if my behavior was eco literate or if I even understood what it meant to be eco literate. As time progressed I was able to deepen my understanding and learn more about how eco literacy is a lot of different things and can be have different understandings for everyone.

At this half waypoint in the semester I am able to recognize that I am more eco-literate and more aware of the history of environmental education. Readings such Coyote and The Raven which were initially very confusing to read but as we discussed them I found I understood, this was a common theme through out semester. I have found I understand more than I give myself credit for.

If I were to rewrite my early blogs I would change the way I wrote them, I approached this class timidly, afraid to say what I really thought because I was afraid that my thinking wasn’t the right thinking. As the class progressed I learned that firstly my opinion and ideas are not wrong and that there are no wrong ideas when it comes to environmental education and ESCI 302. I am passionate about nature and living in harmony with nature and this class has only amplified my love of all things organic and eco friendly.




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