Childhood Memories


For this week’s blog I chose to draw a picture of my dugout and the surrounding area.  I grew up on a farm with multiple dugouts on our land.  As a child I saw these dugouts as my own personal swimming pools, each one with different features that made them ‘cool’.  The particular dugout I chose to draw was my personal favourite because it had a large rock that was great point for jumping off of into the water.  Some other cool features of this spot was the tree that was particular easy to climb making it a great look out point to watch the pasture and look out for creatures and cows.  I chose this spot because I spent a lot of time here and I learned a lot about nature from this area.  I saw plants, aquatic life, birds and small creatures and learned a lot about the type of environments they need.  In the reading The Problem of Discipline and The discipline of Problem it says something along the lines of that we don’t teach in the way we see the world, because if we did we would have a department of sky and land, ect.  I connected to this because when I would be sitting in the tree beside the dugout that is exactly how I would categorize things.  I would look to the sky and see all birds and bugs in the sky, and than I would look to the water and see all the bug and animal life that lived there.  I would catorgerize by how I saw things.  It’s interesting to consider how our first instinct is to catorgerize what we see and to try and understand it, I wonder what would happen if we took a step back and just took in everything and saw it in its entirety before we tried to understand it?


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