Break down of my presentation



In my presentation, our lessons focused on educating children about trees.  Part of our lesson plan involved the children going on a nature hike and looking at leaves and other things you would find in nature.  In the reading No Child Left Insideit focuses on the idea of getting youth outside.  I think our lesson plans are a nice extension of this idea.

In our lesson plans, we understand that children learn best when they can see things first hand and understand things better when they can interact with them.  That is why we chose to include lessons that take place outdoors as well as lessons that incorporate things from nature.

As a future environmental educator I think it is so important to remember that we can talk all we want about nature from within a classroom but children will always learn best when we actually take them outside and show them and allow them to explore.  Children should be seen as capable and competent and in my experience will understand and question much more than we as educators think they are capable of at times.


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