ESCI Journal..Just how important is the curriculum?

4439dedf7cc089a2f5bda117c6a1f673.jpg  Lately we have been talking about the curriculum and the importance of understanding how to best use the curriculum.  Curriculum is a core component and as educators it is stressed to us that we need to be following curriculum when we teach.  This all sounds fine and dandy but what does following curriculum really even mean? Anyone who has spend some time reviewing curriculum knows that the document itself is a fairly wordy, complicated document.

Often when I come to a new outcome in the curriculum I have to set time aside to ‘decode’ what the outcome and indicators are asking I teach my learners.  The wording is sometimes complicated and requires me looking up words to truly understand what is expected?

Recently I have realized the great resource that the full curriculum document can be, found within this document is vital information that is awesome in understanding what is expected of us as educators.  Having the ability to see the over arching themes for a subject has proved to be helpful in planning my unit especially.

I have learned that understanding curriculum is a process and from a mistake can come a better understanding and learning opportunity.


ESCI Journal Entry.. Experiments, Experiments, Experiments

3334e66553f0abaf574a8461398c7124.jpg             I love experiments, I love hands on learning.  I find I make the most meaningful connections to the learning that is happening when I feel I have contributing to the learning process.  I love to make hypothesis’ about what I think will happen, and either see my hypothesis come true or see another result happen.

I would like to believe that most children will also find experiments engaging and make meaningful learning from what is being taught.

Over the past few classes we have done many experiments in our class.  We have learnt that styrofoam melts when combined with acetone.  We learned how land erosion happens and preventative measures that are in place to help stop erosion, as well as many other things.

With each experiment I gain a better understanding and gather new idea to take into the classroom with me.