ESCI Journal… What makes a good science teacher?

1715d7fdd303002dba5f27ad53f8d399.jpgThis class essentially is teaching us to be science educators, but what is a science educator?  What does a science educator do? What separates a science educator from any other form of educator? Do we teach science differently from how we teach other subjects?

It is often pointed out that science should be taught using inquiry.  It was said in class that “Inquiry is really the only way we should teach science.” I have thought in depth about this statement.  As an educator I love teaching with inquiry and I love participating in inquiry.  But not all learners will share my love of inquiry.  For some students this method of learning can be anxiety inducing, especially if they have no prior history with this method of learning.   Inquiry can be confusing and messy.  It is important to remember differentiated learning  and include these ways of teaching in our teaching of science.

All students will learn differently and we need to be flexible and teach to their strengths.  We teach students and we need to meet their needs.  So in closing, no I do not agree that the only way to teach science is through inquiry, I think we need to include different ways of learning, at the very least introduce the idea of inquiry slowly, so students understand the process, I love inquiry and plan to teach inquiry, but I do not plan to teach science only using inquiry.


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