Reflecting on group work

This semester has been filled with lessons, the biggest lesson was working on our group project.  Creating our unit was a great process and I was able to see growth in both myself and my group members.  I felt the work was divided quite equally and everyone was able to contribute equally.  We were able to work quite effectively via google docs and it was fantastic to see how technology can really help people work together while not physically meeting up.  As everyone knows education students are extremely busy and I was really impressed with how well the google doc worked and how my group members also worked.

893c2dc36bc46a07743afc32efbfe370.jpg  This unit was the unit I taught during my 3 week block and I referred to our website more then once looking for resources, especially for early finishers.  I actually included the interactive websites for students who finished their inquiry project early and they loved the websites and were able to learn from them as well.

As for my personal contribution, I included the resource list, 2 lessons, videos and some activities (experiments).  As this was the topic for my 3 week unit I did have quite a bit of prior experience and a large amount of resources.

Overall, I found my experience with my group to be a positive experience.  I enjoyed my groups
, their company and their options they shared during our group process.


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