Final ESCI Reflection.. What did I contribute?

“I shall participate, I shall contribute, and in doing so, I will be the gainer” – Walter Annenberg

I think that through out this semester I have entered each class with this mind set.  It is my belief that I actively participated in every class whether that be in a class discussion, science experiment,or  copular learning groups.

I believe that I was able to add insight into what teaching environmental education can look like.  Drawing on my experience from my summer job as an interpreter.  As someone who is also passionate about environmental education I believe  I was able to participate whole heartedly in discussions.

I believe that my passion for inquiry and hands on learning also helped my to be engaged in class.  I believe that inquiry is a fantastic way to learn about not only science but also other subjects as well.  In this class we talked quite a bit about using inquiry and  I found all the conversations to be very interesting.

Overall, I believe that I entered the class everyday and actively participated to the best of my ability in whatever that capacity might be.  I was open to learning and sharing my experiences.


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