Grade 1: CR1.1:Every Child Matters

Name: Miss. Shearer

Subject:   Treaty Education                              Grade: 1


Content: (Topic)


Orange Shirt Day: Truth and reconciliation.

Every Child Matters.

Instructional Strategies: (Specific)

·      Direct Instruction




Comprehend and respond to a variety of grade-level texts (including contemporary and traditional visual, oral, written, and multimedia) that address: identity (e.g., All About Me) community (e.g., Friends and Family) social responsibility (e.g., Conservation) and relate to own feelings, ideas, and experiences.


  1. View, listen to, read, and respond to a variety of texts including First Nations and Métis resources that present different viewpoints and perspectives on issues related to identity, community, and social responsibility.
  1. Make and share connections among texts, prior knowledge, and personal experiences (e.g., family traditions).
  1. Relate aspects of stories and characters from various texts to personal feelings and experiences.
  1. Show awareness of the experiences and ideas of other persons encountered through texts.
  1. Describe characters, the way they might feel, and the way situations might cause them to feel.
  1. Show respect for own culture and the various cultures, lifestyles, and experiences represented in texts including First Nations and Métis cultures.


Cross Curricula Competencies:

Goals to develop Identity and Interdependence are:

Understand, value, and care for oneself (intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually)

Understand, value, and care for others

Understand and value social, economic, and environmental interdependence and sustainability.


Goals to develop Social Responsibility are:

Use moral reasoning processes

Engage in communitarian thinking.

Take social action.


Prerequisite Learning:

·      Ability to comprehend and empathize with story.

Adaptive Dimension:


Preparation: (Equipment/materials/set-up)

·      Materials:

·      Photo copies of the shirt

·      Bin of scissors

·      Chart paper

·      Markers


Set (5 min)

·      Begin lesson by watching the following video on the SMART board.


·      Briefly talk about what orange shirt day, why we wear orange and stickers.

·      Ask students to retell why we have orange shirt day.

Development (30 min)

·      Have students move to the carpet and pull out a flip chart paper and a marker.

·      Begin by writing every child matters in the middle of the page, creating a bubble.

·      Explain what it means to ‘matter’ and how the kids at residential schools didn’t feel like they mattered.

·      How this day is about talking about how they felt and learning how to make sure all children know they matter now.

·      As a class brainstorm ways to show that other children matter.

·      Write the ideas on the flip chart in a web.

·      Ask for students to return to their desks once chart paper has a wide variety of ways to show someone matters.

·      Once students have returned to their desks, pull up on the smart board the t-shirt.

·      Pick something from the chart paper to write on the line.

·      Explain instructions for all the students to color their shirt orange and to try and write something from the flip chart about how we can show someone matters.

·      As they work walk around writing words for students who need help.

·      Once all students are done have them put their shirt on the right corner of the desk and get their attention back to the SMART board.

Closure (15 min)

·      Pull up the you tube video:

· (when I was eight)

·      Ask the students to listen to the story and to think while they watch if they feel Margret feels like she matters. If people around her are showing her ways to feel like she matters.

·      Following the video, have a couple students give examples of times they felt Margret didn’t feel like she mattered, and how the person who made her feel like that could have done it differently so she did feel like she mattered.

·      Close by reminding students we always want to act with love and make everyone around us know that they matter to us.

Student Engagement/Classroom Management Strategies


·      Freedom Friday Minutes: Give or take away minutes when students are on task, done, early or any other behavior deserving of a reward.

·      Attention Chant: “your eyes on my eyes”

·      Use of Clock timer to give students time perspective.

·      Return to desk for a minute if cannot handle carpet or paint time.

·      Whisper talks level when working.

·      Hand up to ask a question.

·      Attention grabber: countdown from 5 to 1.









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