Week One: Who am I?


This is a picture of my face. 


For any of those who do not know me, my name is Madi and I am in my final semester of my undergrad degree in elementary education.  I love yoga, being outside and shopping.  My experience with technology in the classroom has been limited thus far.   I am very intrigued by the idea and in an ‘ideal’ classroom I would love to be able to meaningfully incorporate it everyday.  My experience has been limited as I have felt the limitations of access to technology.  Access to chrome books, apps and iPads can all be quite tricky when working within the constraints both budget and rules implemented within the division (copyright, confidentiality).  It is my hope with time and experience I will be met with more open spaces that encourage technology and that have devices for us to use as a class!

My thoughts about blogging; I love it! I love blogs and read quite a few different blogs, both education related and fashion related.  I find them to be a good source for new idea, whether that be education or personal.  One blog I follow is Holly’s blog called Teach Me Style .


One thought on “Week One: Who am I?

  1. mckaylastoyko says:

    Blogging is such a great way to get different perspectives on so many different things and valuable opinions on, for example, something a teacher may have tried that went very well or bombed! It gives insight into many areas! Great introduction! I think you are going to learn a lot and really enjoy Edtc300!


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