Week 3: What’s up with Feebly?

This week we were asked to explore the blogging site Feebly.  As a blogging newbie, I was excited at the opportunity to see so many great blogs in one site.  The prospect of going to many blogging sites seemed time consuming, which is why the premise of Feebly is great!

I found in actuality the website confused me initially.  Early on I ran into issues with adding too many blogs and the site asking me to pay to add any more blog.  I waited a few days and tried again and found it worked much better!  Based on my interests I created a few categories.  Indg content, feminism and education.  I found the most blogs for education and have seemed to be reading mostly education blogs.

I found sources by searching key terms and cruising through lists of different blogs.  Using what I learned in our last Zoom lesson, I looked at the pictures and looking to see how interesting the blogs looked.

Here is a screenshot of my Feebly feed. Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.30.46 PM.png


2 thoughts on “Week 3: What’s up with Feebly?

  1. mckaylastoyko says:

    Just a heads up, you have a typo! It is Feedly instead of Feebly! No worries though, it is a difficult website to navigate at first but once you do then you will love it! Super helpful!

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