I Hear-by Declare you a Digital Citizen!


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To be honest when I read what this post was about I couldn’t help but smile and laugh to myself as a remembered and reflected on a time I attempted to teach digital citizenship.  Some might be wondering what happened? Was it a smashing success? Did it blow up in my face? But have patience I will explain to you the story of the time I taught how to be a digital citizen without digital.

In my per-internship I was placed in a lovely grade 4 classroom with a great coop and good kids.  Everything was going great as I was trucking along, week after week my coop would give me a topic or outcome and I would deliver what  I thought to be the greatest lesson  I could muster.  A time came when I received the following outcome:

Outcome: USC4.4

Determine basic personal responsibility for safety and protection in various environments/situations.   

She requested I teach a lesson on digital citizenship, and thus I took off looking for fantastic resources and create ways I could use technology to teach about being safe when using technology.  I was so intent on creating a good lesson I even made a facebook status asking for help.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 8.44.28 PM.png

Both teachers who commented suggestions were very helpful and gave me great options! I was so excited to do my lesson and have all my students be amazed at this great lesson using the chomebooks where they got the play a game but actually learn about cyber safety ( this was a time when I thought the best way to teach anything was through a game, I have since changed my ways) I was full steam ahead until I texted my lovely coop to ask how many chomebooks we could use when she informed me there are none, that the waiting list was at least a month long.  I thought minor setback, I’ll use one of the moving SMART boards.  Ah, alas that too was booked a month in advance.  Now I had to create a lesson on cyber safety with no cyber.

I have included my lesson plan just so you can see what I did end up doing but I will give you the forewarning it was not a great lesson and I mostly just learned that they knew more about technology then I did and the app musically was quite huge and in my option quite unsafe.  (look it up, very weird premises)

But hind sight is 20/20 and this failure of a lesson taught me something about challenges. Assess to technology still remains a huge obstacle in many classrooms.  I learned it is hard to teach about something without being able to physically show, or model what you want them to do.  So it is with this mindset I move forward toward my own classroom and my own incorporation of technology.  I see how much it is being used by students and how unsafe some of their practices are and I see the absolute need to model and teach positive digital citizenship but I also know that access to technology can be limited and sometimes you need to get a bit creative in your approach but it should still always be taught.

grade 4 health lesson pre internship – Full disclosure this is not a great lesson plan and nothing like the lessons I create today, but we all have to start somewhere!


I am a Tech Filled Girl, in a Tech Filled World

Required Post – reflect on our changed world and the new culture of participation as described in lecture and by Wesch – what does this mean for your future classroom? What does it mean for schools in general? As I asked in lecture, “How do we capture the spirit of open, networked & participatory communities in our learning environments?”

Everywhere you look, every person you see, every aspect of your day is connected to technology.  It is everywhere, and intertwined with every aspect of our lives.  Technology  is equal parts innovating and fantastic, as it is terrifying and intrusive.  Technology pulls our society forward towards new things but we also lose old parts of society as we climb, some of these parts, perhaps we should have held on to a little harder.

I place myself in an interesting sect of technology web.  I grew up almost 50/50.  With half of my life not really using technology and half of my life, using technology daily.  This position places me in a space where I can see both the benefits and the hardships.  The video we watched makes an interesting point because this man posted a video he meant for 100 people to see and ended up being viewed by millions.  He placed it on the world wide web and watched it take off.  How often do we place things on the world wide web and not intend for many people to see them? I know myself I would have a few choice words for my 16 year old self about  over sharing on twitter and that probably I could have done without tweeting lil wane lyrics once a week.  I think this serves as a good lesson to both myself as a citizen and as a educator that is good to be cautious of what we post, especially to sites such as youtube.

In classrooms we are bound to see online trends like bottle flipping, dabbing, Charlie bit my finger to name a few.  In my time in the classroom I have seen students are obsessed with youtube, children as young as 6 are watching videos constantly.  I think we should harness that interest and have our learners creating their own videos to explain topics and ideas they learn.  Adobe Spark is a great program that is very user friendly.  I am wary of posting these videos because like I said and like we saw, you never know what’s going to take off!



A Little Late Just Like My Knitting Skills

Life is crazy, and I fell behind on my blogging but I am back with exciting news!

Behind the screen I have been practicing to become the next greatest knitter.  I have hit a break through. Pause, for suspense.  If you are like myself and have been born with the preference to use your left hand, then knitting is COMPLETELY BACKWARDS from most videos featuring people who knit right handed.  This is life changing for me, here I thought my hands were betraying me and I was not as crafty as I once through, but alas, just your classic scenario of the world not being made for left handed people.

As much as I would like to take credit for this discovery myself, I really should be thanking my mother.  In one of my daily calls I was whining as per usual about how knitting is so hard and I actually do not know how the elderly knit and carry on full conversations ( I need complete silence and full concentration) when she made the comment, “I wonder if knitting is different if you are left handed?” and it was like light bulbs going off in my head.  As soon as our conversation ended I flipped open my computer and researched ‘left handed knitting’ and what do you know, videos came up just for the world’s left handed knitters.  I have included the video that helped me actually understand.

As well as the second video that also helped me stay on the course.


Moving forward I feel I need to set goals for myself to be accountable.  As of now I have just been practicing making small squares, but I think it is time I begin my first actual project.  I often search through Pinterest in search of help, advice and ideas. While there are many projects I would love to make, I think it is important to be realistic and begin with a simple easy knit dish cloth easy knit dishcloths  This way I can make my own dish clothes instead of subtlety dropping hints to my grandmother that I need more dish cloths and patiently awaiting for the present of beautifully knitted dish clothes.

I am asking everyone reading this blog to keep my accountable for my dish cloth, bother my about my dish cloth until my dish cloth making skills doesn’t bother me anymore.

Let’s chat with the world #EdChat

The term #edchat is a term I have shy-ed away from for the simple fact I am intimidated by the idea of a fast moving thread of educators taking about education.  I feel like I live in an awkward space of not being a student and not being a teacher and am not sure I am ready to be participating in a chat with so many great educators!

This being said I jumped right into the idea of ed chats, cruising through the list of possible chats, I chose several chats  I felt were a good fit for me to be apart of.  I was disappointed when I realized I could not take part in #saskedchat due because I was in night class, but was excited at the possibility to be apart of several other chats.


I decided to participate in the #kinderchat that took place on Monday night at 8pm.  Before the chat started, I trolled though previous chats looking to see what others had written and what kinds of questions had been asked in the past.  I looked to see who the moderator was and waited until she begun tweeting.  People were very nice to me as the chat started, with more then one taking the time to welcome me to the chat and to make sure and ask if I had any questions.  The questions were interesting and thought provoking.

In the future I will be participating in more #edchats.  I love talking about education and  I love connecting with others via twitter.  Educators have so much to share and learn from one another I can’t wait to be apart of it!


Knitters Gonna Knit.. unless stitches keep falling apart.

This is my second post about knitting, and I wish I had something to show you but the truth is none of knitting is worthy of the internet yet.  I have been watching an exceptional amount of youtube videos and have found this video to be one of the easier ones to follow along with because lets be real, I am clueless about knitting.

I have also downloaded an app called “Knitting and Crocheting Patterns” but haven’t really had the chance to explore the app very much yet.

As for myself and knitting, I am learning I am not a patient woman and find knitting exceptionally challenging because I hate that I am not good at it yet, I also am finding it difficult to set time aside to knit and only knit.  With applying for jobs, going to class and trying to be a human it seems most of my knitting is done in the dead of night.  I will strive on to become the Pinterest knitter of my dreams but for right now I look a bit more like the girl below, as all my stitches fall out, yet again.


Sadness when my knitting keeps falling apart. Image VIA. Compfight