A Little Late Just Like My Knitting Skills

Life is crazy, and I fell behind on my blogging but I am back with exciting news!

Behind the screen I have been practicing to become the next greatest knitter.  I have hit a break through. Pause, for suspense.  If you are like myself and have been born with the preference to use your left hand, then knitting is COMPLETELY BACKWARDS from most videos featuring people who knit right handed.  This is life changing for me, here I thought my hands were betraying me and I was not as crafty as I once through, but alas, just your classic scenario of the world not being made for left handed people.

As much as I would like to take credit for this discovery myself, I really should be thanking my mother.  In one of my daily calls I was whining as per usual about how knitting is so hard and I actually do not know how the elderly knit and carry on full conversations ( I need complete silence and full concentration) when she made the comment, “I wonder if knitting is different if you are left handed?” and it was like light bulbs going off in my head.  As soon as our conversation ended I flipped open my computer and researched ‘left handed knitting’ and what do you know, videos came up just for the world’s left handed knitters.  I have included the video that helped me actually understand.

As well as the second video that also helped me stay on the course.


Moving forward I feel I need to set goals for myself to be accountable.  As of now I have just been practicing making small squares, but I think it is time I begin my first actual project.  I often search through Pinterest in search of help, advice and ideas. While there are many projects I would love to make, I think it is important to be realistic and begin with a simple easy knit dish cloth easy knit dishcloths  This way I can make my own dish clothes instead of subtlety dropping hints to my grandmother that I need more dish cloths and patiently awaiting for the present of beautifully knitted dish clothes.

I am asking everyone reading this blog to keep my accountable for my dish cloth, bother my about my dish cloth until my dish cloth making skills doesn’t bother me anymore.


3 thoughts on “A Little Late Just Like My Knitting Skills

  1. di goes to school says:

    Keep going you Knitting Superhero!! Your experience as a southpaw is such a great reminder for us to keep in mind our left handed students and that sometimes things need to be learned from a different point of view. Thanks for letting us in on your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mckaylastoyko says:

    Don’t be discouraged that you fell behind in blogging! I can totally relate and sometimes life just gets super busy or, in all honesty, we just forget about posting blogs. This is especially common when we aren’t used to having to do this! Once we get used to it more, and I think this will definitely be if we choose to blog when we actually get a teaching job, then it will be more consistent!


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