I Hear-by Declare you a Digital Citizen!


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To be honest when I read what this post was about I couldn’t help but smile and laugh to myself as a remembered and reflected on a time I attempted to teach digital citizenship.  Some might be wondering what happened? Was it a smashing success? Did it blow up in my face? But have patience I will explain to you the story of the time I taught how to be a digital citizen without digital.

In my per-internship I was placed in a lovely grade 4 classroom with a great coop and good kids.  Everything was going great as I was trucking along, week after week my coop would give me a topic or outcome and I would deliver what  I thought to be the greatest lesson  I could muster.  A time came when I received the following outcome:

Outcome: USC4.4

Determine basic personal responsibility for safety and protection in various environments/situations.   

She requested I teach a lesson on digital citizenship, and thus I took off looking for fantastic resources and create ways I could use technology to teach about being safe when using technology.  I was so intent on creating a good lesson I even made a facebook status asking for help.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 8.44.28 PM.png

Both teachers who commented suggestions were very helpful and gave me great options! I was so excited to do my lesson and have all my students be amazed at this great lesson using the chomebooks where they got the play a game but actually learn about cyber safety ( this was a time when I thought the best way to teach anything was through a game, I have since changed my ways) I was full steam ahead until I texted my lovely coop to ask how many chomebooks we could use when she informed me there are none, that the waiting list was at least a month long.  I thought minor setback, I’ll use one of the moving SMART boards.  Ah, alas that too was booked a month in advance.  Now I had to create a lesson on cyber safety with no cyber.

I have included my lesson plan just so you can see what I did end up doing but I will give you the forewarning it was not a great lesson and I mostly just learned that they knew more about technology then I did and the app musically was quite huge and in my option quite unsafe.  (look it up, very weird premises)

But hind sight is 20/20 and this failure of a lesson taught me something about challenges. Assess to technology still remains a huge obstacle in many classrooms.  I learned it is hard to teach about something without being able to physically show, or model what you want them to do.  So it is with this mindset I move forward toward my own classroom and my own incorporation of technology.  I see how much it is being used by students and how unsafe some of their practices are and I see the absolute need to model and teach positive digital citizenship but I also know that access to technology can be limited and sometimes you need to get a bit creative in your approach but it should still always be taught.

grade 4 health lesson pre internship – Full disclosure this is not a great lesson plan and nothing like the lessons I create today, but we all have to start somewhere!


3 thoughts on “I Hear-by Declare you a Digital Citizen!

  1. Hayley Hodson says:

    I can’t even try to image how to teach digital citizenship without access to digital technology. I think this points to a lack of available resources that doesn’t allow very productive or effective learning. Good for you for working with what you got!

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  2. Robbi Nace Keller says:

    I’m glad you were able to work with the resources you had on hand! Sometimes it takes a difficult lesson (I don’t want to use the word fail, but sometimes it is a failure) to launch us forward in our reflective practice!


  3. mckaylastoyko says:

    Just as it is important for students to understand that mistakes are important in the learning process, it is the same for us. We aren’t going to get better if we are making fabulous lesson plans that are a huge success all the time. We learn form mistakes and from lessons bombing, but it informs our decisions for the next time, and the time after that, and so on. I really like that you shared this experience because we often only hear about the lessons that go great, but as pre-service teachers, it is important for us to learn through other mistakes or errors made by other teachers! It is a huge collaborative learning profession!


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