It’s Me… Your Knitting Queen



I Madisson, knitted an entire scarf.
It doesn’t fall apart, it looks like an actual scarf and works like an actual scarf.

This is a miracle.

What do I owe my newfound glory as a knitting queen to?

This little plastic piece of joy.


This is a Zippy Loom  you can buy your very own at your local Micheals store and bask in its greatness.  I found the Zippy on a whim while on one of my many Micheal store trips.  To be quite frank I was feeling pretty defeated when it came to knitting because nothing I tried was working out so I thought why not try out this little plastic thing.  Initially I was VERY confused.  The instructions were quite vague and left out several important details needed for success.  My next stop was to check out youtube on the ‘tube’ I found a couple of videos I watched obsessively.  Here are a couple I found:

The first one I watched was this Crafting with Claudie video;

This video was a good jumping off point and allowed me to understand a bit more about how to set up the yarn and using the hook.  Still after watching this video more times than I care to admit I was finding my scarf wasn’t getting longer like Claudie’s was.  Confused, discouraged and wishing I would have picked french as a learning project, I asked my dear friend Hailie to assist me.  She figured out the reason why my scarf wasn’t working was I was wrapping the yarn around each beg 2 times when in fact I was supposed to be wrapping it around only once.  Once we figured this out it was life changing.


Things started flying once I figured out how to work this magic plastic.


This is your knitting queen threading through the yarn.


This is your knitting queen using the hook to pull the thread over the pegs.


Finally, this is your knitting queen when she realized she had actually knitted an entire scarf in one sitting.

Stay tuned for a Zippy Knitting tutorial coming your way!



6 thoughts on “It’s Me… Your Knitting Queen

  1. Jessi says:

    This is super cool! My sister has a little loom like that, but it’s circular so she can make a toque. I don’t think she has ever tried it before but after seeing how great your scarf turned out I think I should convince her to give it a try!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. laurambieber says:

    I had no idea something like this existed. I learned how to knit years ago however, do not have the patience for it but with the zippy loom I may actually have a chance in sticking with it. Your scarf looks great. I am excited to see more of your knitting creations!


  3. Melissa Kazymyra says:

    Wow great job! I definitely probably would have got frustrated and gave up! I have always wanted to learn knitting, so you have me feeling a bit inspired! I am excited to see what you create next!


  4. mckaylastoyko says:

    Yay! That is so exciting! I really want to take up knitting too, it looks so fun! (once you get the hang of it… lol) You look so happy and cute in the pics! I am definitely ecstatic for you!

    Also… your decor is sooo cute! Love it!


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