What’s in my Knitting bag you ask?


Hi guys!

I have created a video using iMovie that explains everything I keep in my knitting bag and the things I use to create my masterpieces.




6 thoughts on “What’s in my Knitting bag you ask?

  1. alyssadorr says:

    This is amazing! Your journey seems to be coming along very nicely. I love that you are showcasing what materials you use and that work well. Posting a video is such a cool way to record your learning process, I appreciate your ability to get in front of a camera and just speak. It is certainly harder than it learns.


  2. Sarah Reimer says:

    Wooo! Way to go Madi! Keep up the good work. Is there a specific channel that you’ve been using that you really like? It would be soooo awesome for you to make a video tutorial to knit using a loom as you said in your video! Who knows, maybe it would help me get into knitting 😉


  3. laurambieber says:

    Madisson, I love your video. Such a great way to show all of the tools you use as well as being able to try out iMovie. It is amazing all of the tools you accumulate just for crafting ha. I am so with you on the Michael’s coupons. NEVER buy anything full price there haha!


  4. reganluypaert says:

    Madi, I commend you I have tried knitting and for the life of me cannot get a handle on it!! I did get somewhat of a handle on crocheting but my hands hurt sooo much while doing it that it wasn’t worth it. I don’t understand how people can knit or crochet in front of the TV or the good ol’ hockey game without ever looking up! I am interested in these loom things, if they make your life easier than maybe it would be something I could get into without my knuckles hurting too much! This is a great video and learning project, thanks girl!


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