New to the Loom Game

So… You’re new to the looming game?

That’s fine, I’m here to break it down for you.

Loom Knitting is a strand of knitting where you use a device that looks like this. You can get one from Amazon.  Here’s the link!

Round Loom Set 

Loom picture .jpg

Essentially a loom replaces the role of the traditional knitting needles.  Instead of using the needles to knit, one uses the loom and weaves the string through and around the knobs, then pulling them over top of one another.

I have both the circle loom and a chunkier straight loom.

The Zippy Loom is the first loom I bought and it’s the loom that changed the game.


Here’s the link to the Zippy!

Once you pick a loom you like you need to move on to picking the best yarn to work with.  If you have been keeping up at all with my posts you will know I typically pick chunky yarn to work with.  I pick this because it is the easiest yarn to use when you are just starting.

Here are some examples of different yarns you can use.


Bernat Softee Chunky




Wool-Ease Chunky  

Using chunky yarn makes it much easier to weave.

Once you have your loom and your yarn, the next step is finding something you would like to make.  I started with a scarf that was as wide as the Zippy Loom. I would suggest for a first time loomer, just stick with a scarf.  I found that was a good starting point.  Other projects like toques, blankets, and beanies are all more complicated and require more background knowledge.

Like I mentioned previously, I found that youtube videos were quite helpful to get going because you can physically see the motion people are going through when they are knitting.

My last piece of advice would be not to get discouraged.  Learning how to knit is hard, and it can be very difficult if you are not sure what its supposed to look like, and you have only the internet to support you.  But when it does finally click and work, it’s a great feeling!



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