Grammarly​ Saves Lives


For my app, I chose to install Grammarly on my MacBook, and let’s just say… It changed my life.




Grammerly is an app designed to help you have better spelling and grammer when using any platform on our computer.  It helps me when I email, write blog posts, and anything else I do online.  This app is life changing if you are a tired University student like your girl is.  I am the human version of a snail crawling to the end of the finish line that is my degree.

Because I am all about miracles, I am here to give you step by step instructions how to download Grammerly for Macbook.


Step 1:  Open Google for Safari.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 1.32.11 PM.png

Step 2: Google “Grammarly”

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 1.35.32 PM.png

Step 3: Click on the first link ( The purple link)


Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 1.38.58 PM.png

Step 4:  When you search Grammarly and pull up this page.  You just follow everything that happens once you click the big green button!

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 1.44.01 PM.png

Step 5: Enjoy your beautiful new app that saves tired people like me.

The stengths of this app are that this app works well with every safari extension, which is great! The strenghs of this app are pretty obvious being that it helps with spelling and grammer.  The downside that I see is that that knowing its going to correct, I don’t try as a hard to spell everything correctly.  In a school setting this could be problomatic because students no longer have to practice proof reading.  It would eliminate alot of really good pratice that students typically get.


3 thoughts on “Grammarly​ Saves Lives

  1. reganluypaert says:

    Madi, I think you are so completely right, this app is beneficial for us tired university students who save things like commenting on blogs until the last possible minute!! I also agree with you that maybe it might hinder some of the students learning by correcting everything they do, unless it shows them? If it shows them right away then maybe it is beneficial if the student can see their errors right away.


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