What stains our teeth?

Name: Miss. Shearer                                            Date: Wednesday

Subject:  Health                                                  Grade: 1


Content: (Topic)



Learning how drinks affect our teeth

Instructional Strategies: (Specific)


·      Experiential Learning


: USC1.1

Examine healthy behaviours and opportunities and begin to determine how these behaviours and opportunities may affect personal well-being



a.       Communicate observations of what “healthy” and “unhealthy” looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

b.      Illustrate the importance of basic daily behaviours (e.g., washing hands, brushing teeth, eating fruits and vegetables, wearing sun screen and sun protective clothing, being physically active, playing, drinking water, respecting other living things) for good health.

c.       Discuss a variety of healthy behaviours over which one has control (e.g., brushing teeth, being active, engaging in quiet time, seeking shade).




Cross Curricula Competencies:

Developing Thinking

Learners construct knowledge to make sense of the world around them. In science, students develop understanding by building
and re ecting on their observations and what already is known by themselves and others. By thinking contextually, creatively, and critically, students deepen their understanding of phenomena in the natural and constructed world.


Prerequisite Learning:

·      How do we brush our teeth?

·      Why do we need to brush our teeth?

·      What are some healthy and unhealthy foods?

Adaptive Dimension:

·      N/A

Preparation: (Equipment/materials/set-up)

·        Hard Boiled eggs

·      Coke, Water, Milk

·      Raw egg

·      Containers to let eggs sit in.

·      Pre –soaked eggs (soak at home)

·      Spoons

·      Tray

·      Mini-books

·      Timer

·      Anchor Chart

·      Markers

·      Toothpaste

·      Tooth brushes

·      Magnifying glasses

·      Plate




During recess set up experiment at the back table, when students get in at recess have all the students sit at their desk.


·      When ready call them to the back table to sit on the carpet facing the table.

·      Recall with students what we learned about keeping our teeth healthy, what do we have to do to keep our teeth healthy (brush them)

·      Review sometimes and everyday foods, hold up the different drinks and students to decide if they are everyday or sometimes drinks.

·      Have Canada food Guide chart close by to reference to if learners need prompting.




·      Calling on students to be your “experiment assistants” – explain expectations of being an assistant (if we are being too silly, only I will get to be the assistant)

·      First fill each labeled cup with its contents.

·      Before dropping eggs into liquids ask students to infer what they think will happen.  (make a guess, support guess) ie. I think the pop will turn the egg brown.

·      Write guesses down on chart paper.

·      Drop the eggs in the different liquids and set a timer for 5 minutes to start.

·      Using a chart paper document changes seen in eggs as time passes by.

·      While eggs are soaking, have students return to their and turn to the I keep my teeth healthy by eating: page.  Have students color the foods that are healthy for our teeth.

·      When the timer goes have learners join you back on the back carpet.

·      Get assistant to look at the eggs using the magnifying glass.  Have them explain to the class what they are seeing.

·      Once eggs are stained have all the learners move back to their desks and flip to the page called “My Egg Experiment”

·      Using the document camera get a volunteer to come and try to away the sugar bugs on the soda egg.  Remind assistant to use circular motions with the toothbrush and toothpaste.

·      Other students will watch and practice their circular brushing motion with the assistant.

·      As a class write “what happened” for each egg.

·      In the end ask that students circle which drinks are healthy for our teeth (assessment)



·      Once everything is cleaned up, have students stand behind their desk.

·       Again sing the teeth brushing song to close the lesson.

·      Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku-ForS6G3I

Student Engagement/Classroom Management Strategies














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