Now I’ve had the time of my life Knitting

Today I wrap up my learning project.

Cue the excitement.

All joking aside, I learned a lot.  Just how much you ask? Well, Let’s take a little walk down memory lane.

For my first post, I started out by explaining my first adventure to Micheals to get all my supplies for knitting.  During this post I talked about how crazy knitting is and how there are literally thousands of different yarns, and everyone walks around the isles like the Yoda’s of knitting, talking about needle gages and yarn styles.

In my second post, I moved on to write about my failures with knitting.  I remember feeling very frustrated at this point with my knitting.  Despite my best efforts nothing I was trying to do was working and I felt like every time I would try something new  I learned from the video’s I was watching, it would fail.  During this time I learned that the process is more important than the product.

Week 3 was a breakthrough week, for sure! This is the week I learned that knitting is backwards if your learning from a right-handed person.  This was Mind Blowing and made me feel immensely better about my failures.

I peaked in my fourth post because I actually knitted something.  I, Madisson knitted an entire scarf this week, it was breaking news.  And good news I actually wore the scarf out in public and no one said anything mean about it.

scarf .jpg

In my 5th week, I talked about the whos’ who in the knitting world, in terms of blogs.  Being that the internet is my primary source of learning.  I looked at these blogs a lot of inspiration.

In my sixth post, I challenged myself to make my first video.  Growing up I watched a lot of what’s in my bag videos, so I chose to make my own version of the video with all my knitting things! I used iMovie for the first time and found it took me a really long time to make the small intro.  But once I figured out how it works I can see how it would be easy to use in the future.

In my 7th post, I broke down the steps to follow if you’re looking to get into the looming game like I did! I used Amazon as my main source and showed everyone where to go and what products I used and found worked well.

In my 8th post, I got real about how knitting a scarf and a toque are two VERY different things.  At first, I felt ashamed that I didn’t complete my toque but I had promised myself that I would be honest with everyone about what I was doing.  I learned that using circle looms is actually quite a bit different than using the Zippy.  Figuring out how to make the torque to get smaller proved to be harder then I thought.

For my ninth post, I created a tutorial for how to use the Zippy loom.  I found during my time of learning that I didn’t really find a tutorial I found super easy to follow.  I wanted to create one that made more sense and was simpler.  I felt like I wasted a lot of time watched pointless intros and they didn’t spend enough time actually explaining the important part.


And this post marks my LAST POST for my learning project and actual last assignment I ever submit for my degree!

It’s been a slice



Update: knitting scarves is easy. Knitting hats are​ not

So as many of you know I have been knitting for my learning project, I have so far been successful in knitting a scarf.  This surged my confidence and I felt like the knitting queen I had been dreaming of.  I may have been feeling a bit ambitious when I took on the project of knitting a toque for a bun.

This is the project I wanted to create.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 5.39.29 PM.png

DYI Messy Bun Hat | Loom Knitter Pattern for Beginners 

This seemed easy enough.  It says right on the cover ‘Beginner’, and I still was very much a beginner.  But I guess her version of beginner was much different than my kind of a beginner.

For starters, as a beginner, I only know 1 kind of stitch.  This knitting wizard knows much more than 1 stitch.  It took me at least 2 hours just to figure out all the different stitches she was using. Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 5.51.34 PM.png

What exactly is a purl you ask? To that, I say, NO IDEA.  Something to do with the cool line down the middle.  But other than that I am not too sure.

I know for sure I don’t know how to make it.

I thought I would be able to finish this toque in one day like I had with the scarf.  I was wrong.  This proved to be much more difficult.  Emphasis on the much more difficult.

Below, you will see my attempt:

loom .jpg


What it was supposed to look like:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 6.15.40 PM.png



New to the Loom Game

So… You’re new to the looming game?

That’s fine, I’m here to break it down for you.

Loom Knitting is a strand of knitting where you use a device that looks like this. You can get one from Amazon.  Here’s the link!

Round Loom Set 

Loom picture .jpg

Essentially a loom replaces the role of the traditional knitting needles.  Instead of using the needles to knit, one uses the loom and weaves the string through and around the knobs, then pulling them over top of one another.

I have both the circle loom and a chunkier straight loom.

The Zippy Loom is the first loom I bought and it’s the loom that changed the game.


Here’s the link to the Zippy!

Once you pick a loom you like you need to move on to picking the best yarn to work with.  If you have been keeping up at all with my posts you will know I typically pick chunky yarn to work with.  I pick this because it is the easiest yarn to use when you are just starting.

Here are some examples of different yarns you can use.


Bernat Softee Chunky




Wool-Ease Chunky  

Using chunky yarn makes it much easier to weave.

Once you have your loom and your yarn, the next step is finding something you would like to make.  I started with a scarf that was as wide as the Zippy Loom. I would suggest for a first time loomer, just stick with a scarf.  I found that was a good starting point.  Other projects like toques, blankets, and beanies are all more complicated and require more background knowledge.

Like I mentioned previously, I found that youtube videos were quite helpful to get going because you can physically see the motion people are going through when they are knitting.

My last piece of advice would be not to get discouraged.  Learning how to knit is hard, and it can be very difficult if you are not sure what its supposed to look like, and you have only the internet to support you.  But when it does finally click and work, it’s a great feeling!


Who’s Who in the Knitting world

Part of my learning project has been looking at different blogs for sources of inspiration.  I have found it super useful to look at these different blogs to help me find different ideas, to help me figure out different stitching techniques amongst other things.

Here are the top 5 knitting blogs!

  1. Mama In A Stitch 

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.34.36 PM.png


This blog was great for sources of inspiration and for free patterns.  I loved the vibe of the blog and always really related to what she posted about.

2. Megmade With Love 

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.50.57 PM.png

Even though this blog was for crocheting I still found it inspirational to look at because one day I hope to be able to crochet too.


3. Small Things Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.55.26 PM.png

I like this blog because of the emphasis she places on natural products and how she talks about using yarn she colours herself using natural dyes.

4.  GG Made It 


Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.19.09 PM.png

I love this blog because the writer is someone who came to knitting later in life (Like me!) I find her relatable and funny.

5.  Knitted Bliss Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.33.34 PM.png

I love this blog because she modifies her instructions and I also love that she includes more than just knitting on her blog.


It’s Me… Your Knitting Queen



I Madisson, knitted an entire scarf.
It doesn’t fall apart, it looks like an actual scarf and works like an actual scarf.

This is a miracle.

What do I owe my newfound glory as a knitting queen to?

This little plastic piece of joy.


This is a Zippy Loom  you can buy your very own at your local Micheals store and bask in its greatness.  I found the Zippy on a whim while on one of my many Micheal store trips.  To be quite frank I was feeling pretty defeated when it came to knitting because nothing I tried was working out so I thought why not try out this little plastic thing.  Initially I was VERY confused.  The instructions were quite vague and left out several important details needed for success.  My next stop was to check out youtube on the ‘tube’ I found a couple of videos I watched obsessively.  Here are a couple I found:

The first one I watched was this Crafting with Claudie video;

This video was a good jumping off point and allowed me to understand a bit more about how to set up the yarn and using the hook.  Still after watching this video more times than I care to admit I was finding my scarf wasn’t getting longer like Claudie’s was.  Confused, discouraged and wishing I would have picked french as a learning project, I asked my dear friend Hailie to assist me.  She figured out the reason why my scarf wasn’t working was I was wrapping the yarn around each beg 2 times when in fact I was supposed to be wrapping it around only once.  Once we figured this out it was life changing.


Things started flying once I figured out how to work this magic plastic.


This is your knitting queen threading through the yarn.


This is your knitting queen using the hook to pull the thread over the pegs.


Finally, this is your knitting queen when she realized she had actually knitted an entire scarf in one sitting.

Stay tuned for a Zippy Knitting tutorial coming your way!


A Little Late Just Like My Knitting Skills

Life is crazy, and I fell behind on my blogging but I am back with exciting news!

Behind the screen I have been practicing to become the next greatest knitter.  I have hit a break through. Pause, for suspense.  If you are like myself and have been born with the preference to use your left hand, then knitting is COMPLETELY BACKWARDS from most videos featuring people who knit right handed.  This is life changing for me, here I thought my hands were betraying me and I was not as crafty as I once through, but alas, just your classic scenario of the world not being made for left handed people.

As much as I would like to take credit for this discovery myself, I really should be thanking my mother.  In one of my daily calls I was whining as per usual about how knitting is so hard and I actually do not know how the elderly knit and carry on full conversations ( I need complete silence and full concentration) when she made the comment, “I wonder if knitting is different if you are left handed?” and it was like light bulbs going off in my head.  As soon as our conversation ended I flipped open my computer and researched ‘left handed knitting’ and what do you know, videos came up just for the world’s left handed knitters.  I have included the video that helped me actually understand.

As well as the second video that also helped me stay on the course.


Moving forward I feel I need to set goals for myself to be accountable.  As of now I have just been practicing making small squares, but I think it is time I begin my first actual project.  I often search through Pinterest in search of help, advice and ideas. While there are many projects I would love to make, I think it is important to be realistic and begin with a simple easy knit dish cloth easy knit dishcloths  This way I can make my own dish clothes instead of subtlety dropping hints to my grandmother that I need more dish cloths and patiently awaiting for the present of beautifully knitted dish clothes.

I am asking everyone reading this blog to keep my accountable for my dish cloth, bother my about my dish cloth until my dish cloth making skills doesn’t bother me anymore.

Knitters Gonna Knit.. unless stitches keep falling apart.

This is my second post about knitting, and I wish I had something to show you but the truth is none of knitting is worthy of the internet yet.  I have been watching an exceptional amount of youtube videos and have found this video to be one of the easier ones to follow along with because lets be real, I am clueless about knitting.

I have also downloaded an app called “Knitting and Crocheting Patterns” but haven’t really had the chance to explore the app very much yet.

As for myself and knitting, I am learning I am not a patient woman and find knitting exceptionally challenging because I hate that I am not good at it yet, I also am finding it difficult to set time aside to knit and only knit.  With applying for jobs, going to class and trying to be a human it seems most of my knitting is done in the dead of night.  I will strive on to become the Pinterest knitter of my dreams but for right now I look a bit more like the girl below, as all my stitches fall out, yet again.


Sadness when my knitting keeps falling apart. Image VIA. Compfight






Let’s get this knitting show on the road!

As the ever indecisive person, I turned to twitter to help me decide on what exactly it is I should learn for my learning project.  I love learning new things and had a list a mile long of different things I want to learn how to do.  With the help of twitter I have decided I shall learn to knit.

It is my hope by learning how to knit I can learn a hobby that will help combat my anxiety and give me a calming activity that will also produce jazzy scarves and things for me to wear and put on my coffee mug.  Essentially I am looking to become the newest knitting queen to make all my Pinterest dreams come true.

Things I have learned since embarking on a knitting queen journey.  There are millions of different yarns in Michaels.  Apparently they are all different despite looking exactly the same.  There are multiple different kinds of knitting needles, you need different needles for different kinds of projects.  ( I only learned this after purchasing my needles.  I picked mine because I liked the colour and I thought the metal would make a nice ‘clink, clink’ sound, like I imagine a professional knitter sounds like).  If you are anyone in the knitting world you have a nice little knitting bag to store all of your knitting thingies in.  Lastly, granny’s are knitting wizards who make knitting look MUCH easily then it actually is, we should give them much more respect for their ability to make mittens, because it is in fact, quite hard.

To begin my knitting experience I began with a long trip to Micheals where I googled what one needs to be a knitter and visited quite a few blogs.  After I got all the essentials according to the blogs, I went home and watched the linked video I found on youtube to begin my journey to knitting Pinterest queen.



The video was informative but requires a lot of pausing, confusion, twisted fingers and replaying.  I have no product to show at this point, I will keep you updated as I go.