Let’s chat with the world #EdChat

The term #edchat is a term I have shy-ed away from for the simple fact I am intimidated by the idea of a fast moving thread of educators taking about education.  I feel like I live in an awkward space of not being a student and not being a teacher and am not sure I am ready to be participating in a chat with so many great educators!

This being said I jumped right into the idea of ed chats, cruising through the list of possible chats, I chose several chats  I felt were a good fit for me to be apart of.  I was disappointed when I realized I could not take part in #saskedchat due because I was in night class, but was excited at the possibility to be apart of several other chats.


I decided to participate in the #kinderchat that took place on Monday night at 8pm.  Before the chat started, I trolled though previous chats looking to see what others had written and what kinds of questions had been asked in the past.  I looked to see who the moderator was and waited until she begun tweeting.  People were very nice to me as the chat started, with more then one taking the time to welcome me to the chat and to make sure and ask if I had any questions.  The questions were interesting and thought provoking.

In the future I will be participating in more #edchats.  I love talking about education and  I love connecting with others via twitter.  Educators have so much to share and learn from one another I can’t wait to be apart of it!



What’s this about Composting? ESCI Reflective Journal


As  I entered the classroom knowing we were having a presenter talking about composting, I was filled with excitement.  I love the idea of composting and am thrilled at the idea of learning more.  I want to begin my journey in composting by first having my own verma composting bin in my apartment.  I was and still am a bit uneasy about having something that potentially could smell terrible, in a space I live in everyday.

I loved learning about the red wiggler worms and how awesome this hungry little worms are.  I found it so fascinating how easy composting can be as long as you understand the basics.

As a nature interpreter for Sask Parks I am constantly looking for new ideas I can use at the lake to help our campers lessen their footprint on our earth.  Of course we have programs like leave no trace and I talk everyday about the importance of having a healthy earth but composting seems like a really good concrete idea I can bring to the lake.  In theory it will not only help the earth and fertilize the garden I plan on planting this summer (indigenous prairie plants) but it will also reduce the amount of scented food that is going into our trash that attracts bears to the campgrounds.