Grade 1: CC1.2 : Syllable Counting

Syllable Unit

By Madisson Shearer

First Grade



CC1.2: Represent key ideas and events, in a logical sequence and with detail, in different ways (including dramatization, pictures, sounds, physical movement, charts, models, and drawings).



  1. Use applicable pragmatic, textual, syntactic, semantic/lexical/morphological, graphophonic, and other communication cues and conventions to construct and communicate meaning when using various forms of representing.


Essential Questions:

What is a syllable?

How can we figure out how many syllables are in a word?

How many different ways can we split a word in terms of syllables?

How can we show we know how to split words into syllables?

I Can Statements:

I can show I know what a syllable both verbally and written.

I can show I know how to split a word by syllable both verbally and written.

I can show I know how to count syllables in various ways.


Cross Curricular Competencies:

  • Goals to develop Literacies are:
    o Construct knowledge related to various literacies
    o Explore and interpret the world using various literacies
    o Express understanding and communicate meaning using various literacies.


Lesson 1: What is a syllable?

Overview- Introduce the idea that words have syllables, explain what a syllable is and ways we can figure out how many syllables are in a word. Go over the different strategies. Finally practice finding the syllables as a class.

Assessment: observation


Lesson 2: The difference between 1 & 2 syllable words

Overview- Review what a syllable is and how we can figure out what a syllable is using strategies. Go through examples of 1 word syllable vs. 2 word syllables, go through the examples as a class.

Assessment: observation


Lesson 3: Practicing 1 & 2 word syllable words

Overview Review 1 & 2 word syllables as a group before having students work on several worksheets cutting and sorting activities working to figure out 1 and 2 syllable words.

Assessment: sorting activity

Lesson 4: 3 syllable words

Overview- students will review 2 syllable words. Students will be introduced to 3 syllable words, we will practice as a group identifying the syllables in the word. Go over examples.

Assessment: questioning


Lesson 5: Practicing identifying 3 syllable words

Overview- students will review identifying 3 syllable words before moving into practicing 3 syllable words with worksheets.

Assessment: worksheets


Lesson 6: 4 syllable words

Overview- students will be introduced to the idea that words can have 4 syllables we will practice a number of 4 syllables as a group.

Assessment: observation


Lesson 7: Practicing 4 syllable words

Overview- Students will review 4 syllable words before practicing identifying through a number of worksheets.

Assessment: worksheets


Lesson 8: syllable review

Overview- students will review being able to identify all syllables through a series of stations that will be rotated. Each station will focus on a different syllable.

Assessment: Observation through centers

Lesson 9: Syllable walk

Overview- students will be given numbers 1-4 and they will go on a walk through the class, outside and the school and count the syllables of the words of commonly found objects like bookshelf. Once they have figured out how many syllables they will place the number there.

Assessment: Questioning