Education Philosophy

As a future educator I want to focus on the individuality of the child. Each child will come to school having different past experiences, a different learning style and a different idea of what school is to them. Some children will view school as a positive experience and some will view education as a negative experience. It is important to customize a child’s education experience so that everyone can have a good experience in my classroom and I can potentially alter their perspective on education.

I believe differential learning is the best teaching style to incorporate into my future classroom. By providing assignments with options for students who visual, musical, kinesthetic learners as well as other styles of learning. I am creating an environment that is stimulating for every student and can allow for maximum opportunity for learning to happen for each individual student. The idea that each student learns differently should be valued and reflected in how I teach and how I create assignments.

As a teacher I want to be someone who is seen by my students as very approachable. It is important to me that I am able to play many crucial roles within the over arching role of teacher. Sometimes educators need to be friends, sometimes they need to be mediators and sometimes they need to be enforcers. This is especially true for at risk youth who potentially don’t have people in their life who are their friend or who are there for them to teach them life skills. It is in this instance I think it is crucial that I try my best to be that those people for them. High-risk youth are youth who come from lesser socioeconomic backgrounds, are exposed to illegal substances and are more at risk of dropping out and not completed their education. I think so often teachers and the system over look these children because they may not fit the ‘good student’ mold and are often not seen as worthy of receiving the same level of education a ‘good student’ I want to be able to help them become the best versions of themselves and be that positive role model they perhaps lack. Teaching is more than teaching a math, English or social. It is about forming connections with your students and being a positive role model.

To keep with the theme of differential learning in the classroom, I think instruction should handled in the same manner. Not all children comprehend and understand the same way and as a result I think it is important to explain instruction in many different ways to make sure that all your children understand what is asked of them. For example to one child the idea of sitting quickly in their desk could be them sitting there not talking but fidgeting with their pencils and tapping their feet, to another child being quiet could mean not talking or moving. It is important to learn each child’s behavior and understanding of a task and be able to determine what they are capable of doing in response to the task.

My teaching philosophy is centered on differential learning and being able to truly know my students and their backgrounds and capabilities. By being able to customize my student’s education to fit their needs, I can ensure they are receiving the best education possible.